Sunday, November 4, 2007



We are Ben and Jerry and we welcome you to our Blog. It's called Pets on Parade.
We're gonna share pictures of the pets that live in our house, in our neighborhood and with our friends and relatives. They are all very handsome and pretty.

Here's our plan. We'd like to get to know all of you and we hope you will get your owners and your families to add to our Blog with your stories and pictures.

We're very spoiled, but don't tell the humans. Wouldn't want to loose all our comforts and goodies.

We were born about 3 years ago. We're twin, orange Tabbys. Our human Mom & Dad thought it was cute to name us Ben & Jerry. ha ha. There were worse names in the Abbot & Costello and Cheese & Crackers, ............. so we figure we're pretty lucky to end up with Ben & Jerry.

Benny had to go visit our human Uncle Tony for awhile cause we got in a big fight. He took a chunk out of my leg, the size of a golf ball (well....maybe a little smaller. All because my Mom gave me a bath and Benny didn't get one. When I came out of the bathroom, he didn't know who the heck I was. I was skinny, wet and smelled pretty and he was all freeked out. He's okay now, but for awhile I thought he turned into Frankenstein.

There are other animals in our house too. We have some fish and an African Gray bird named Congo. Sometimes he drives us nuts. He meows just like us and he barks like a dog. He says all kinds of words like: hi, hello, honey, okay, good morning, night night, wacha doin', gimme a beer, bird-lite, come here, good boy, what's this, hey Lenny. He says God Bless You if the humans sneeze and when they say Thank You to him, he says "You're welcome". He says "Praise the Lord" and flaps his wings when he says it. He talks a lot and says about 300 words and makes a lot of funny noises. The humans say he's really smart, but we think he's kinda dumb cause he picks out all his feathers and looks like a plucked chicken. The vet says he's psycho and wants to give him Prozac. meow ha ha. My human family won't give him medicine cause they think he's got a cute personality and don't want to change it. Personally we think it's good that he picks his feathers out. If we ever catch him, we won't be gagging on them. meow ha ha

Our family tells us that we are going to get a puppy in February. It's gonna be a girl! yuk.
She's already in her mommy's tummy and will be born in December. Word is....she's gonna be small. That's good. We don't want some big bruiser coming in here and taking over. We've got these humans right where we want them. It took us a long time to train them. Anyway, we heard them telling people that she's a "Chorkie" (a mix between a Yorkie and a Chihuahua). We think they should call her a "York-a-waawaa" . We watched mom's computer when she was on the internet and she found pictures of Chorkies. They look pretty cute....but definately not as cute as us. We're starting to plan our stradegy so she knows whose got priority around here.

Well that's us in a nutshell. We'll continue to add to our Blog and keep you updated. Now it's your turn. Please share with us.

Meow, meow,
Ben & Jerry